School in the Square Intergenerational Participatory Research Collective


Finesurrey, Samuel, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Michelle Fine, Aidan Lam#, Alondra Contreras#, Alanna Garcia#, Ashley Cruz#, Ariana Peña Ramírez#, Brandon Mendoza#, Joel Almonte#, Aidan Lam#, Siarra Savinon#, Noah Campbell#, Jesslin Hiraldo#, Lauren Santos#, Samantha Bruno#, Alyssa Victoria#, Noel Columna#, Naomi Pabon#, Mya Laporte#, Sheylany Paulino#, and Nathan Boissier# (May, 2022)“‘The Protests Made Me so Proud of Us’: Critical Participatory Action Research by Immigrant Youth of Color Bearing Witness to the Movement for Black Lives Racial Uprisings in Somebodiness: A Call For Dignity-Affirming Education, edited by D. Irby, Charles Payne and Charity Anderson. New York: Teachers College Press.

Finesurrey, Samuel, Camille Lester, Michelle Fine and the School in the Square Research Collective (March, 2022) “Just Inquiry Rooted in Critical Care: Participatory, Intergenerational Research Tracing the Legacy of School in the Square” in Caring and Being There: Complicating Qualitative Research with Youth in School Settings, edited by Veena Vasudevan, Nora Gross, Pavithra Nagarajan & Katie Clonan-Roy. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Press.

Fine, Michelle, Samuel Finesurrey, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Joel Almonte#, Alondra Contreras#, Aidan Lam#, and the S2 Research Collective (August, 2021) “‘People Are Demanding Justice’: Pandemics, Protests and Remote Learning in the Eyes of Immigrant Youth of ColorJournal of Adolescent Research: Special Volume on Anti-Racist Research and Developmental Science.

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